I’d like to give a special thank you to a few gifted people who have helped on certain
For all of the architectural series Michelle Zubrinich took care of just about everything
except pointing the camera at the wonderful buildings you see on the site. And in some
cases did that as well.
Her efforts with the production process (flights, hotels, car rentals, contacts, permits etc.)
and co - art direction are incalculable. Not to mention the good times we had shooting on
the road from Washington D.C. to Boston MA., to New York City and on to Toronto and
I will miss shooting these projects with her very much.

Michelle Zubrinich:

Thomas Dziedzic will forever be my retoucher of choice. A fantastic eye for color and an
ability to understand with very little instruction what I need from him make him another
very valuable ally in the process. He seems to intuitively know how far to take a shot,
when to go “all out” and when to pull it back a little. He can go from gritty to clean
without even thinking about it. A pro in every sense of the word.
Thomas Dziedzic